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Privacy Policy

Protection and Maintenance of Personal Information

OPTEX Security Sp. z o.o. strives to protect the personal information of those who use the services on this website based on an appropriate management system.
With ordinary access of this website, customers are not required to input their names
or any other information that would identify an individual customer.

This website is equipped with features of registering users' activities within its content and source of a visit as well (cookies). User can manage these files on Internet browser directly.

Services That Require the Input of Personal Information

Some services may require the input of the customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other personal information. OPTEX may use such personal information to contact the customer regarding its services, or to convey notices
or information related to its services.
OPTEX does not disclose, transfer, or loan to any third party personal information it has collected through this website.

Protection of Information on This Website

In no event shall OPTEX be liable with respect to the protection of customers' personal information on any websites linked to OPTEX's website.

The third partie's web site or any other web site is approved to link this web site
with permission of OPTEX Security Sp. z o.o. Please give us e-mail to the form bellow before you make link to this web site.

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January 31st, 2011 OPTEX Security Sp. z o.o.