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We are a branch of Japanese innovative company OPTEX CO. LTD.


OPTEX was founded in 1979 and is now becoming a world-leading company in the area of security detectors with its unique infrared detection technology.


In addition to providing highly reliable detectors developed with our unique technology, Optex also upholds environmental policies that strive to make eco-friendly products through the entire process from design and development.


In 1997, Optex was certified for complying with ISO 14001 international environmental management standards amid the growing interest in environmental protection
on the global level.


Product procurement in over 50 countries worldwide led Optex to implement strategies for achieving global standards for quality at an early stage. The company has also received certification for ISO 9001.


More information about OPTEX CO. LTD. you can find on company's website.



OPTEX Security Sp. z o.o. is a distribitor of security products in Eastern Europe.

We cooperate with number of distributors.
We provide technical support for distributors and security systems' installers
in each country.


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Burglar Alarm

In order to increase the effectiveness of a security system, OPTEX recommends not only securing the inside of the building but also adding surveillance to the perimeter area and boundary of the property.


[Product Group]
Outdoor Detectors, Indoor Detectors


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Perimeter Protection

REDWALL products are specialized for video surveillance applications
in perimeter security. It is the best solutions with greater effectiveness at lower operation cost.


[Product Group]
Laser Scan Detector, Medium/Long range PIR, Infrared photoelectric beam


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Fiber-optics intrusion detection systems


More info on FIBER SENSYS INC. website


Automatic Door Sensor

Our sensor, which has the largest market share in the world in automatic door sensor fields, realizes safe and intelligent opening & closing according to the installation condition, as if the doorman were there.


[Product Group]
Automatic Door Sensors, Shutter Sensors


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Factory Automation Sensor

Our sensors for Factory Automation, which are necessary for quality control of many kinds of product, strongly support quality improvement for automated production line.


[Product Group]
Image Sensor, Laser Displacement Sensor, Fiber Sensor, Amplifier Built-in Sensor etc.


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Temperature Measuring Instrument

Our Infrared thermometer, which measures the surface temperature of objects quickly, safely, and without contact, can be used in a wide range of fields for temperature control or abnormal check during production process.


[Product Group]
Portable Non-contact Thermometer, Fixed-Mount Non-contact Thermometer etc.


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Water Quality Measuring Instrument
By applying technology used in the world’s first “automatic water transparency measuring system” developed by OPTEX, our sensors support aquatic conservation or safety monitoring of manufacturing process with measuring turbidity or color of the water precisely. water_88_01
Measurement the turbidity
of the effluent from the waste water treatment plant
Measuring of the intakae water
for drinking water manufacturing process


[Product Group]
Transparency Monitoring Sensor, Portable Transparency Monitoring Sensor, Turbidity Checker, SS Checker etc.



Transportation Safety Product

The traffic accidents recording camera equipped with our original analysis algorithm for motion & behavior and the product for visualization of safe driving bring a deterrence effect to a risky driving and promote the safe driving in car for company use.



[Product Group]

Drive Recorder, Safe Mater


Store Management System

Store Management System provides effective solutions to the store operation with making the database of the number of customers or the average time to stay, which offers marketing support for stores or commercial facilities.



[Product Group]

Customer Traffic Counting System


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Access Control System

Access Control System detects tailgating in high security area such as important facilities or data center with tracing someone’s movement in real time.

access_1_252 access_2_252


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LED Light Control System

LED Light Control System realizes industry -leading levels of energy saving with a simple & flexible setting of appropriate luminance at the time of need by interaction with sensor.



[Product Group]

Controller, Floodlight type LED for parking facility, multipurpose Floodlight type LED, various types of sensors.


Parking Area Management System

Parking Area Management System realizes safe and efficient operational management at automatic parking facility to prevent from unexpected accident or trouble there.



[Product Group]
Car Traffic Control Sensor, Safety Sensor for Automatic Gate, Car Counting Sensor


3D Range Image Camera

The world’s most advanced 3D Range Image Camera insusceptible to ambient light or shadow, which has infinite possibilities of the utilization like a human interface as the next-generation or product systems for the purpose of safety or efficiency at manufacturing scene.



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Company's registration data

OPTEX Security Sp. z o. o. with registered office address: ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. 7B,
02-366 Warszawa, Poland.
VAT Identification Number: PL 526-281-70-58;
Registration Court ID - KRS: 0000225248; Statistical Office Registration ID - REGON: 015888726;
Share capital: PLN  3 500 000,00